Surrounded by all types of plants and flowers Astral Cocktail Bar in Marbella is constructed in the manner of a old sailboat of the 19th century including an 8 meter mast with sails.

Constructed almost completely in wood and forged iron Astral takes us back to the times of the conquistadors and corsairs.

The furniture is original, personalized and unique and integrates perfectly into the space that it occupies whilst at the same time allowing us offer a number of different layouts for up to 150 people.

Most of the Astral is open to the skies however we have a system that allows us to cover the terrace; also, in the Summer our terrace is kept fresh using a water vapour cooling system and in the Winter we use heat lamps.

Astral, the Cocktail Kitchen

The first thing that we should say about our bar is that it is not only a bar but a Kitchen for cocktails.

We start early by visiting the market where we select our fruits. We choose only the best quality and reject any fruit that it not at a perfectly mature.

We touch the fruit, smell it, we look for its colours, shine, texture to find the very best. We carefully pack it and transport in a manner that takes into accounts the temperatures, how it is to be handled and stored.

We then wash and dry the skins of the fruit to guarantee the utmost cleanliness and finally we store the fruit a different temperatures depending on when it is to be served

Our Menu

Our Cocktail menu is prepared daily and we offer cocktails with or without alcohol. We bases our cocktails on four essential pillars : Fresh Fruit, Liquors, natural ingredients and ice.Cocktails and a little bit more.

In our cocktails we work with Bacardi Rum, Arehucas Meyers, Havana 3, Captain Morgan, Smirnoff Vodka, Eristoff, Jose Cuevo Mexican Tequila, Jose Barreiro Cachaca from Brazil.

Other liquors and non-alcoholic drinks include Passoa Liquor, Grenadine, Fruit liquors from Melons, Banana or Peaches, Mineral waters, sodas, lime cordials, Cointreau, Marrashino...

At the bar or on the terrace we also carry all types of drinks: Beers, coffees, teas, brandy's, snacks, aperitive, champagnes and wines...

We have a selection of first class Spanish wines including Ribero del Duero, Rioja, Rueda Navarra Galicia Penedes, Huelva, Alicante ...


Astral is designed for all types of shows: Theater, Live Music, Shows, Choreography, Videos, Juggling & more. Our sound and light systems bring the shows to life and add to the special atmosphere and ambiance.

Puerto Banus


Astral Cocktail bar is situated in one of the most sophisticated enclaves that you can find in Europe. A walk around Puerto Banus and you will see the some of most impressive yachts in the world,  the most sought after cars and shops that carry the most sophisticated of brands. The surrounding area, the Mediterranean, the sun and the light make Puerto Banus a very special and magical place visited every year by millions.


We are open from the early afternoon to early morning. Our clients come from all parts of the world form the families with their children  at Midday to groups of friends looking to party under the moon's light.

Either at the bar, in the garden or on the terrace, the layout and furniture are designed to let you enjoy your time with us.



Astral Cocktail bar is versatile and dynamic and we can adapt to any type of event that you would like to host. From organizing Parties to Corporate Events, Congresses, Birthdays, Weddings, Tastings, Club Meetings you can count on our experience and reputation and a special experience.


Astral Cocktail Bar in Marbella, from its cocktails, to its setting to its shows is a treat for your senses.

July 07, 2015

Astral Marbella

Muelle de Ribera
29660 Puerto Banus

Tel : 34 951 31 92 12
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